This page shall function as the central hub to access material on the method of Collective Memory-Work, see below. It is also meant to be a supporting platform for a study on the international adaptations of Collective Memory-Work.

Collective Memory-work is a method developed during the 1980s by a group of feminist researchers (Frauenformen, Hamburg/Berlin; see: Frigga Haug (1987) Female Sexualisation. London:Verso). It is a tool for research and reflection, and a method for teaching and learning. The method revolves around a set procedure of text-analysis. The texts to be analysed are short personal stories written by the members of a research collective. Hence it is their own experience that is taken as a point of departure for the research process. In a process of investigation the constructions of characters in the stories are referred back to wider social structures. New interpretations are made possible and alternative routes of action come into view.


Frigga Haug’s introduction of the method as a pdf for download from her webpage.

A comprehensive study on the application of memory-work in the training of prospective educators in Germany. (This material is written in German.)

Memory-Work as a Method of Critical Reflection. An article about a memory-work project with primary school teachers on rituals/ritualisations in school.

A nice and brief description of memory-work was presented by Melanie Stitz at the Ferienuni Kritische Psychology (Summer School Critical Psychology) in Berlin 2018. (Text in German)

Ilse Schrittesser and Kerstin Witt-Löw organised a symposium on memory-work in teacher training courses for the 3rd of May, 2018. Contributions and discussions on the day were held in German. Here you can access the invitation for the symposium, and the script for my contribution on the day.

A bibliography of titles relating to Collective Memory-Work can be found here in two versions: chronological or alphabetical.

If you are interested to explore the potential of memory-work yourself and you would like to get support please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always interested in further applications of the method myself.

My intention is to enhance this page gradually by adding further literature listings, articles, documentations and reports about applications, further developments and critique of memory-work. Simply check from time to time to see whether I had the time to add something new.