Scrutinizing Collective Memory-Work

A Study of Adaptations, Adjustments, Derivations and Developments,

and the Potential of Collective Memory-Work

as a Method in Lifelong Learning Processes


Since June 2018 I am working on a study in relation to the adaptations, adjustments, derivations and developments of Collective Memory-Work, and its potential as a method in lifelong learning processes. The study is funded under the EU-Horizon 2020 umbrella as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship. Funding was granted by the Irish Research Council within the framework of its CAROLINE scheme.

Institutionally I am affiliated to Maynooth University (Department of Sociology) as host organisation and the Institute of critical Theory (InkriT e.V., Berlin) as partner organisation. The study is supported by Laurence Cox (Maynooth University), and Frigga Haug (InkriT e.V.).

Material about the study, and about Collective Memory-Work in general, is available via the central hub.

Study Aims

CMW was developed by Frigga Haug and the group Frauenformen at the intersection of academic research, feminist and Marxist theory, and political practice. From the outset it was intended to be an emancipatory method with a consciously open form. Over three decades the method was successfully used in academic research in a variety of fields, thereby undergoing adaptations and adjustments according to purposes of the applications, institutional frameworks, organisational necessities and methodological considerations. In spite of its roots in a social and political movement however the use of CMW internationally is largely confined to academic settings.

One aim of the study is to make CMW more accessible to non-academic lifelong learning
environments. For this purpose I will scrutinise the various applications of CMW. This will be done in dialogue with some of the founders and leading practitioners of CMW.

A strong focus will also be on the learning experiences of participants in CMW-groups. Selected adaptations of the method will be practically applied and learning experiences of participants documented and evaluated.

Exchange of Experiences

An important aspect of the research is the organisation of expansive knowledge exchange on CMW across geographical and disciplinary boundaries.

In this regard I am always interested to get in touch with people who have applied the method, or took part in project in which the method was applied. I would be delighted for everyone with such a background to contact me.